Aich Consulting Services "IT" Services & Solutions: Superior Knowledge & Industry Expertise.

Featured Services & Solutions: To grow and stabilize your business

"IT"  Services: IT department needs, in your control & in your budget  
Windows / Apple / Unix : Support for the best of all worlds                
VPN / Remote Desktop / Home Automation: Easy & at your fingertips  




Additional Services & Solutions: To maintain and manage your business


When the worst happens: see how we can save your data  
 Setup and Configuration: Commercial & Residential Support  
Data & Voice Cabling needs, Every business relies on...         


Integrating A/V Devices with with you home & Work networks  
IP Phone Support: Cisco / Kerio Operator, Etc                          
Access to Hosted Services, Scheduling & Reports                 

Remote & On-Site Services: 24/7 Support available when you need it, even night & weekend options. 

  • Remote Assistance
    real-time guidance and support when your employees need it
  • Complete System Monitoring
    Reports for every server,client workstation, & all hardware. Greatly reducing unexpected "IT" costs and upgrades. 
  • Network Security & Auditing
    Full Auditing and Reports on your network and Intellectual Property.

  • Preventative Maintenance
    We look over all hardware and warn you when there's system degradation, and prepare spare hardware for critical systems.
  • Backups & Restore
    We ensure you know your backup situation, and when you need a archive backup, we've got you back!
  • Anti-Virus & Patching
    Coverage for Virus, Intrusion, and other malicious software, & verification of patches before the newest are applied.

Mobile Support iPhone, iPad, & Android: Control your home devices on the go!

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