Storage & Virtulization


  • The Future of "IT" now
    over 70% of businesses rely on some form of virtualization & cloud services. these solid and redundant solutions are the future, let us should you the benefits today!
  • Flexibility & Scalability
    It's in every aspect of business regardless of your companies size, the instant scale-ability it offers saves you critical time and it's ease of upgrading a lot more manageable on your budget. 
  • Support for the most popular solutions
    Microsoft Hyper-V, VmWare, ESX & ESXI, Citrix, ISCSI.
  • Support for Popular Hardware vendors
    Dell, IBM,Apple,HP,etc... procurement and asset management
  • Backup Solutions
    Now that you have it, it needs to be backed up reliably, and tested thoroughly, let us show you how!
  • Network & Switching
    Dedicated network creation for your environment if needed, and support for the most popular network vendors
  • Simple Cost Effective Solutions
    for smaller businesses there are also options: like drobo,Nas, and various iscsi solutions



3rd Party Cloud Hosted Solutions